Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beach Fun!

"A lot of people don't know that I love BUGS! I do! No I swear I do! They don't scare me!
So I went to the beach and saw some cool fashion bikinis aaaaaand looked for sand crabs!"

"Look what I found a bug bathing suit!!!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Friendly Forest" Kids line!

"Limited Edition Hat"

Omg I love this Hat !
All these accessories made me feel so beautiful !! 

"Fashionista Raccoon"
-I was so the Raccoon because I love fashion and I love to be glamorous !
My Tia made these drawings shes so talented ~


Friday, June 11, 2010

Dress Up Doll

"So my friend Maria got me the Project Runway Doll Kit  I loooved it !
Look at the dress I made! Soo Fab!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Cobra Shop Opening !

"I was reading the paper with stickers they gave me and waiting in line for 24 hours I think.....
well it felt like 24 hours. Then Roxy took me into the event!
I did her makeup one time when I was 4."

"When I went inside I saw T.V.'s, photographers, clothing , oooh and an ICE CREAM CART!
 They had the best Ice Cream Cart in the whole wide wide world!"

Dress: EB1955 Hat: Locketship/EB1955 Collab.

"I love Jeremy Scott! Oooooh my gosh, when he used all the city street signs and the trash can tops as hats, aw sooooo cute! Oh!!! I also looooved the dress Solange Knowles wore on Yo Gabba Gabba. Jeremy is the best! My dad loves Obey and the guy who is Obey was there too!"

"I know his store is about stuff he finds from going places. I like this one! (below)
 So Thank you Cobrasnake and Peoples Revolution!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Demi, Ashton, Fashion

(Demi got a pinch of flak for Ashton's pic of Paris. People making fun of her & her work in children trafficking yadda yadda.......um, Paris been made fun of since she was 2 with her fashion tastes... sooo she never even flinches when they do it to her face. She lives for the ridiculous and this is nothing! Wait till she starts wearing her avant gard designs! -her aunt EB1955)

Demi: "I think that little girl is adorable. Check yourself before you judge others!"

"They were laughing at me? Oh like the time this boy from my class was making fun of me for reading at 4th grade level and started making fun of me? Oh I dont care! I dont care if they tell me Im cute or laugh. I love my outfits and I have always been fashion over comfort and that was a green bird on my headband and it would it would have been cuter if there were 3 birds in pink and purple. Oh my gosh, then people would really laugh! Next time!

I'm just confident. Its like the "Man in the Mirror" song. What are you doing to change the world? Aaaw I love that song! My mom told me Demi Moore & Ashton help strangers not hurt little kids. I want to help homeless kids. Like.....were sooo alike!....and people will still laugh."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Haus of Super Shimmer * Part 1

Remember my "1st Time Thrift Shopping" post and what I picked out?
Well, here is what my aunt created out of the top I picked out! She showed me all the work that goes behind a crazy outfit so I know how it was changed and made *sparkly*!

We went to this pop-up shop event....
Then I got thirsty so my aunt went next door to get me a Coke.
"I get thirsty when Im happy."
Ashton Kutcher took a pic of me & put it on his twitter.
My aunt said he was in "Open Season".
"I really like Open Season!"
 Aunt, "He's the deer in it."
"*GASP!* The deer my favorite! I always copy the deer! Because he is hilarious!!!" (Side note: Paris, "You didn't give it some oomph." Aunt "The exclamation mark is there, see?" Paris, "Yeah, but it needs some oomph. How bout you put some more exclamation marks...so there's 3.")

Here I am talking to Angelique. I could not get over her *sparkly* outfit. I also told her not to get on the dance floor with her camera and new cell phone. There were TOO many girls out there and her stuff could fall and break...
"I told her to like, be kind of close to the dance floor and call one of the models over. So then Angelique could take the picture. She was like sooooo so cute. I was always saying she could enter the shimmer contest, but she said "Well I didnt wear anything else shinny."
I kept looking for Jessica Louise too. I could not remember how she looked like because I was so little when I first met her. I had just turned 3 & was in her old work space. My shirt says, "Trust me...I KNOW fashion." Not much has changed and I love all of her creations!
"Her outfit was really cute. I liked all the cherries on it. She was really really nice."
I also talked to Salli & told her she could go inside if she got too cold outside.
"Salli is really nice. I loved her dress. Its so cute! Her lil scarf was really really couture!"

"Debbi was really nice. I loved her red hair. She took pictures of me and when she showed me them, I liked them!"

Ready for the 80's dance floor....
(about the glasses) "O-M-G. THESE are M.J."
Stay tuned for Part 2!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Cake!

"My Birthday is on June 3! My friend is going to school to be a cake chef and she came over to show me what kind of a cake we could make for my Dragon party! She taught me how to mix and decorate.
I wanted the frosting really really pink. I had so much fun! I cant wait for my birthday party!
What kind of design should I pick for my birthday cake?"

GaGa Cowgirl

"I told my mom I wanted to dress up like a cowgirl....well a GaGa cowgirl!"