Monday, June 7, 2010

Demi, Ashton, Fashion

(Demi got a pinch of flak for Ashton's pic of Paris. People making fun of her & her work in children trafficking yadda, Paris been made fun of since she was 2 with her fashion tastes... sooo she never even flinches when they do it to her face. She lives for the ridiculous and this is nothing! Wait till she starts wearing her avant gard designs! -her aunt EB1955)

Demi: "I think that little girl is adorable. Check yourself before you judge others!"

"They were laughing at me? Oh like the time this boy from my class was making fun of me for reading at 4th grade level and started making fun of me? Oh I dont care! I dont care if they tell me Im cute or laugh. I love my outfits and I have always been fashion over comfort and that was a green bird on my headband and it would it would have been cuter if there were 3 birds in pink and purple. Oh my gosh, then people would really laugh! Next time!

I'm just confident. Its like the "Man in the Mirror" song. What are you doing to change the world? Aaaw I love that song! My mom told me Demi Moore & Ashton help strangers not hurt little kids. I want to help homeless kids. Like.....were sooo alike!....and people will still laugh."

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