Monday, November 22, 2010

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary - "Small Gift" L.A.

"I had so much fun this year at the Sanrio party. This year they had a carvial theme party even with a mini golf in the middle of the party and the whole thing was Hello Kitty. When I walked in I was a little overwhelmed. There was sooo much going on! I did the red carpet and I looked over and there was Kimora Lee. She looked over at me and said "Hey I remember you!" It was good to see her. I saw Tarina Tarantino, Michael Shirley, Audrey Kitching and so many more of my L.A. friends. I also got a real cool gift bag with a Sanrio book and even a light pink nailpolish from the Hello Kitty line for Sephora!" 

 "I can't wear that..." points to lipstick "...but I can wear that!" Picked *Greatfruit* lipgloss.

"When I saw Johnny Cupcakes I was so happy! I get really happy when I see him. He has always been SO nice to me and I know he lives like 1000 miles away!!! I asked him "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" He told me he is doing a collaboration with Hello Kitty and he was passing out "The Johnny Cupcakes Chronicles" Then I saw Ashlee Simpson. I got really quiet and shy because my Tia sings to her all the time. I could not believe she was in front of me! I like the song "Pieces of Me" so I wanted to sing it but I could not remember a thing I was soooo nervous! She said it was ok and she sang me the song!!! I could not believe it! She was suuuper nice OOOH!!! Ashlee Simpson was the first concert I ever went to! I was like 7 months old and she played at the Brea Mall. I don't remember, but 5 years later I meet her! Super cool. I like her."

"I met yuko the designer of Hello Kitty" and "I met Aissa Juarez she works for KROQ but more than that, she was super super sweet like a candy! I hope I see her again soon!"

"Bella Thorne. WOW. From Shake it Up! I could not believe it!!! I love that show."

"Oh I love Ray Cakes! She was there with Onch. I have not seen both of them in like 200 days so I got really happy when I saw them. They said they're going to babysit me one day we're going to make crafts!"

seein Maria...

Photography by: Aaron Estrada Dress/Glove by: EB1955

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Police!!!

"I love watching Fashion Police with my mom on E!
I need to write some tickets!
Katy Perry its a DONT...and a gross."


My mom was watching TV. Rachel McAdams was on Regis & Kelly...
as I walked by and stopped...
"MOM those shoes are AMAZING!!"
I was looking and looking and I found them!
Megan Fox wore them too. Oh so amazing!

Friday, October 22, 2010

#4 - The Queen

"There is only one way to describe Maddona "Its like beauty came from the sky and fell on her!".
Her clothing expresses how she feels all the time. Its like you know her. I mean all her music videos and her tours. I mean she is amazing. I love her in the 80s because she was like the first Lady Gaga. She took a chance all the time because she was the first. She is my dream person to borrow her clothing."

#3 -Shakira! Shakira!

"I love Shakira becuase she never lets anybody tell her what songs she's doing. She stands up for her music and I love it. Her fashion is "Bohemian Belly Dancing". She is always barefoot but its ok because she really rocks it. All her music makes you want to get up and dance!"

 "I love her little mini dress there soooo firerce."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Music Day #2 - Gwen Stefani

"The reason I picked Gwen is beacuse she has wicked style. She does African & posh style together. Gwen is so cool that she has her own clothing line called L.A.M.B. and I love it!"

"But I like when she dresses up better. I like the ton-boy style too. It's real girl power! She is a rocking girl who could waer heels and rock out. I really liked when she did the Mexican hair with the braids in her hair!"
"The she cut her bangs and looked soooo 70s!"

Monday, October 18, 2010

Music Week Day #1 - Selena Quintanilla

"All week I am going to post what girl's in music I really like because of their style.
Today is Selena. No not Selena Gomez. Selena Quintanilla. She was named the "Top Latin Artist of the '90s"
She was the Mexican  Madonna and oh my godness was her fashion sooooo Madonnalicious!".

"I love her outfit in this video! The sheer top and those boots are rocking!"

"I am loving the bra fashion slash cowgirl style. Aaaaaaww I might rock it when Im 21!
She really does "her thing". She was going to start her own line but never got to. So sad.
Selena, I love you."

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Fashion Heart Attack of the day !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lace + Shoes = LOVE!

"In order of appearance:
Christian Louboutin
This is your candy for today!!!

MYKITA x Romain Kremer, AAAAAH!

MYKITA x Romain Kremer Fall/Winter 2010 Sunglasses

"OMG! This is beyond amazing!!! I yelled SOOOOOO loud when I saw these! I would wear these sunglasses in a minute!! I want them in black! I was thinking about also makes sure your forehead does not get sunburned!"

"I love how Lady Gaga wore them! I would wear them at night so people would look at you and not even know that you where rolling your eyes at them. Futuristic-fantastic!"


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Camilla Belle & Lace!

"I was reading Elle this month and I stopped at this photo. OMG FASHION HEART ATTACK!!!
It's so retro and yes, lace is my favorite fashion trend right now! I really like her black nail polish! A++"

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall Fashion

"Ok so all the big fashion designers always copy the 40's and 50's
Elle Magazine was right this Fall is all about 1950's fashion."
Louis Vutton Fall 2010


Fashion Night Out

"Omg L.A. Fashion Night Out was SO much fun !
I went with my mom and Maria and boy was there 1000 of other people walking around!"

"First stop was Tarina Tarantino I never get tired of going there!
They had a limited edition "LA is My Homegirl" You could only get it that night!
They had some real good cake balls from Ry Cakes."

 "This is me at Fred Sigal there was not that much going on there that I liked.
So I wanted to take a photo like this sooo vogue magazine right!"

"Then I went to Betsey Johnson it was like a dream. All the walls where pink and hot pink and all her dresses where sooooo beautiful! They had snacks there and grapefruit drink that was yum!
They where also giving away free makeovers, so I got one!!!"

"Then we went to Paul Frank! I had so much fun there.....
well I had to wait for the monkey to come out for like, 100 years
but I still had fun! They where giving away little cupcakes!
I also met Kei. He's my new friend and he works there too!"

"At the end of this night I was soooo tired,
but i am happy I supported a good cause to keep all the stores open by shopping!"