Monday, November 22, 2010

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary - "Small Gift" L.A.

"I had so much fun this year at the Sanrio party. This year they had a carvial theme party even with a mini golf in the middle of the party and the whole thing was Hello Kitty. When I walked in I was a little overwhelmed. There was sooo much going on! I did the red carpet and I looked over and there was Kimora Lee. She looked over at me and said "Hey I remember you!" It was good to see her. I saw Tarina Tarantino, Michael Shirley, Audrey Kitching and so many more of my L.A. friends. I also got a real cool gift bag with a Sanrio book and even a light pink nailpolish from the Hello Kitty line for Sephora!" 

 "I can't wear that..." points to lipstick "...but I can wear that!" Picked *Greatfruit* lipgloss.

"When I saw Johnny Cupcakes I was so happy! I get really happy when I see him. He has always been SO nice to me and I know he lives like 1000 miles away!!! I asked him "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" He told me he is doing a collaboration with Hello Kitty and he was passing out "The Johnny Cupcakes Chronicles" Then I saw Ashlee Simpson. I got really quiet and shy because my Tia sings to her all the time. I could not believe she was in front of me! I like the song "Pieces of Me" so I wanted to sing it but I could not remember a thing I was soooo nervous! She said it was ok and she sang me the song!!! I could not believe it! She was suuuper nice OOOH!!! Ashlee Simpson was the first concert I ever went to! I was like 7 months old and she played at the Brea Mall. I don't remember, but 5 years later I meet her! Super cool. I like her."

"I met yuko the designer of Hello Kitty" and "I met Aissa Juarez she works for KROQ but more than that, she was super super sweet like a candy! I hope I see her again soon!"

"Bella Thorne. WOW. From Shake it Up! I could not believe it!!! I love that show."

"Oh I love Ray Cakes! She was there with Onch. I have not seen both of them in like 200 days so I got really happy when I saw them. They said they're going to babysit me one day we're going to make crafts!"

seein Maria...

Photography by: Aaron Estrada Dress/Glove by: EB1955

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fashion Police!!!

"I love watching Fashion Police with my mom on E!
I need to write some tickets!
Katy Perry its a DONT...and a gross."


My mom was watching TV. Rachel McAdams was on Regis & Kelly...
as I walked by and stopped...
"MOM those shoes are AMAZING!!"
I was looking and looking and I found them!
Megan Fox wore them too. Oh so amazing!