Monday, June 20, 2011

Adam Wallacavage/ Henry Lewis - Corey Helford Gallery

"Tia"/EB1955 & me at Corey Helford Gallery

"Adam has AMAZING sea creature chandeliers. My Tia gave me this 50's vintage sweater that has sparkles on it. We stuck neon mermaids on it! It's my favorite sweater!
I also ran into Jessica Louise, Natalia Fabia and Camille Rose Garcia. I love her Alice and Wonderland art!"

"The Fash-Bunny"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I looooove Selene Luna!!!

"I had so much fun!!! Here's me backstage....

"I started to get nervous and I know Dita dances before her shows, so my Tia sang Black Eye Peas "Tonight's gonna be a good night" for me."

 "Putting on some sparkle"

 "Selene is the sweetest person. She inspires a lot of people to follow their dream.
She dosen't really like kids....but she likes me! She gave me some vintage yellow shoes and her first vintage dress! I can't wait 'till we're the same clothes size so we can trade fashions and that would be SO fun!!! "

"Checkin out some cool costumes before I go on!"

PMCA talk with Michael Schmidt Raven Kauffman & Rose Apodaca

Pasadena Museum of California Art - Talk on high-fashion....

"Michael Schmidt invited me to see his presentation. Raven Kauffman was there. sI saw her really cool handbag that has beattle wings on it!!! Rose Apodaca asked them questions and I saw their creations on the screen! My tia had a lil' frame that she didn't really use anymore so she used it for a hat! She made for me because I looooooove Isabella Blow. By the way I have a friend named Isabella!"

 Photo: Paris, Bryan Rabin, Arianne Phillips - Michael Schmidt, Raven Kauffman, Rose Apodaca

"THE Arianne Phillips....dream come true! I was watching Fashion in Film (Starz Inside) that morning and she's in it. She styles aaaaall of Madonna's clothes!"

"This is me with Michael Schmidt. It was amazing to hang out with him."


Eat Your Art Out

"I went to "Eat your art out" My tia made a paniting of me. I really liked the painting she did of me. It looks just like me! It was so cool. She is the best artist I know. It was fantastic. They had a DJ, a photo booth and like 100 other paintings. They bid on the art for a donation to the Roller Derby girls. I also liked the cotton candy it was soo good!"

L.A. Art show 2011

The Los Angeles Art Show @ the L.A. Convention Center
"I went with my Tia and her friend to the L.A Art show. It was amazing. I saw this girl with a sculpture and she gave me her autograph. Her name was Betty. I saw this one painting that had a rope that was painted, it was exciting. I am for sure coming back next year!"
xoxox Paris

Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoe Heaven!

"Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti is AMAZING. These are my Faves!!! "Yes those are rhinestones!""

Thursday, March 10, 2011


"I am back Let's get Blogging!!!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Helena Bonham Carter

"Hi Everyone! OMG award season is here! Oooh ya! Here is my fashion FAVE:
Helena Bonham Carter....
Ok like, who styled her?! Cause they should have gotten an award!!!
I have been rocking 2 differnt color shoes since kinder!!! Love love love."