Sunday, May 22, 2011

PMCA talk with Michael Schmidt Raven Kauffman & Rose Apodaca

Pasadena Museum of California Art - Talk on high-fashion....

"Michael Schmidt invited me to see his presentation. Raven Kauffman was there. sI saw her really cool handbag that has beattle wings on it!!! Rose Apodaca asked them questions and I saw their creations on the screen! My tia had a lil' frame that she didn't really use anymore so she used it for a hat! She made for me because I looooooove Isabella Blow. By the way I have a friend named Isabella!"

 Photo: Paris, Bryan Rabin, Arianne Phillips - Michael Schmidt, Raven Kauffman, Rose Apodaca

"THE Arianne Phillips....dream come true! I was watching Fashion in Film (Starz Inside) that morning and she's in it. She styles aaaaall of Madonna's clothes!"

"This is me with Michael Schmidt. It was amazing to hang out with him."


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