Wednesday, April 14, 2010


"Thelma Chrysler Foy had THE best Dior dress collection!"

"Watching a Biography on Betty Boop."
"Mom read me about designer Mirco Giovannini. I love his dresses!"

"My mom was in the hospital on Friday and I made her a card that said,
'Mom hope you feel better
and I am sorry for the gown they make you wear.'"

"My favorite perfume is L'interdit by Givenchy."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Christian Siriano

8/5/09 Christian Siriano's Victoria's Secret MakeUp Launch
Paris knows his whole bio and loved his Fall '09 line with all the one-shoulder action!
*Click here to watch them meet!*
On meeting him:
"I was so excited to meet him and then I started getting a little bit shy cause hes my favorite.
His outfits have a lot of big ruffley and stuff.and they have a lot of details."

On his BRAVO special, "Christian Siriano: Having a Moment" :
"What did you think about his show?"
Paris, "Oooooh my gawsh. It was amaaaazing! (stoped to think if its the same one I'm talking about) Hold on, is it the one with the broken shoes and the blond lady with the black dress?"
Paris, "I LOVED it. I think Tori Spells dress is awesome. It's got little ruffle things that are not really ruffles. Like, it folds this way and that way and some keep going on top of each other."

"In the show, the shoes break and it makes the fashion show go slower!!!
("Make sure to put exclamation marks on there. 3 of them.")
Christian had so many cute outfits. I like the water ones and the kind of hot desert ones,
and I really like the blue ones. They are so pretty."

Paris' 1st Concert: LITTLE BOOTS

"My daddy played "Little Boots" and I totally wanted to hear her music all the time over and over!
We found out she was playing soon, so we got our tickets and my Tia talked to me about Victoria Hesketh. How she became "Little Boots", because she studied music, was in a band, but wanted something fun and different than they did, so she went out by herself and created what she wanted to do. Different sounds and different instruments!
My 1st concert was at a big show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I didn't really know their music so this is my REAL 1st concert because I loooooooooove Little Boots and she lives faaaaar far away in England so I HAD to see her! I had to take a nap if I wanted to go though, so I did.

When the show started I knew ALL the songs!!! Little Boots' outfit was AMAZING! I loved her music and how she played with her space instruments. My favorite song is "Stuck on Repeat" and I wanted a avant garde my arm was hidden in the outfit that my Tia made! I gave it to Little Boots & she loved it!!! I had the BEST time at my 1st concert!!!"
-Paris, Age 5

Paris Fashion Flashback : The Veil

 Paris, Age 3
"Like any little girl, she loved wedding dresses and was a bride for Halloween.
Since she was so into it I introduced her to the wedding dress designs of Vera Wang.
I told her, "She draws and makes wedding dresses ALL the time!"
Needless to say...she was iiiiimpressed....
and wore this veil almost every day!

Her daddy is a DJ, so she listens to aaaaall kinds of dance music.
She learned a couple break-dance moves and decided to try 'em out in Downtown Disney!"
- Her Aunt, EB1955

Fashion Design for "Ledy GaGa"

"She described to me every single part of the outfit she designed. Like the non-existant lips, thigh-high boots on top of heels, and eyelashes so long they touch her hair, haha!" -Her Aunt, EB1955

Heeeeey Macarena!

My mom had music videos playing while she was cleaning and the best most awesome song went on!

I watched it again and again untill I learned the dance moves!
I LOVE it!
I asked my mom
"Why don't people do this ALL the time?!"

"They had a Macarena dance competition!!! I wonder what they look for? Maybe if your focused!"

 "Everyone please print this form and hang it in your room!"
(This is on her bedroom wall.)


The "Novermber Rain" Wedding Dress!

"I want to wear this dress when I get married, but one shoulder. A bow on the top of her head sooo 2000!"

"I love the puffy sleeves. With a little pink it would be even more perfect.
Carmela Sutera is the designer who made it ! Love love love..... "