Monday, April 12, 2010

Paris' 1st Concert: LITTLE BOOTS

"My daddy played "Little Boots" and I totally wanted to hear her music all the time over and over!
We found out she was playing soon, so we got our tickets and my Tia talked to me about Victoria Hesketh. How she became "Little Boots", because she studied music, was in a band, but wanted something fun and different than they did, so she went out by herself and created what she wanted to do. Different sounds and different instruments!
My 1st concert was at a big show with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I didn't really know their music so this is my REAL 1st concert because I loooooooooove Little Boots and she lives faaaaar far away in England so I HAD to see her! I had to take a nap if I wanted to go though, so I did.

When the show started I knew ALL the songs!!! Little Boots' outfit was AMAZING! I loved her music and how she played with her space instruments. My favorite song is "Stuck on Repeat" and I wanted a avant garde my arm was hidden in the outfit that my Tia made! I gave it to Little Boots & she loved it!!! I had the BEST time at my 1st concert!!!"
-Paris, Age 5

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