Friday, March 23, 2012


"She looked perfect her dress her hair I give it a A+++"

Mad Decent Block Party

"I listen to electro a lot. Like all the time. I like Deadmou5 & went to Diplo's Mad Decent party for like a second."


"Friendster was the first place you could chat with friends."

Quinceañera Thought

"Weve got to figure out how to make this bigger.
So I can wear it to my Quinceañera as a dress!"

Sequin Top

Thrift sequin top BEFORE/AFTER
"This is my Cher look. I love the 'Life After Love' song!"

MJ's Glove

"It was really AMAZING!!!"

Cinderella's Slipper Hat

"This is my new hat! It's Cinderella's slipper!
Do you remember the Duke put it there!"

Ava Gardner in "Barefoot Contessa"

"I'm really inspired by the BAREFOOT CONTESSA...Ava Gardner
...I really like her style"

Mitch Miller Sing-A-Longs

"I love vintage stuff so of course this is something I catch!
My fave sing-a-long is "Cecilia" (1925)"  

Mitch Miller...
Original "Cecilia"...

Sewing Pactrice

"Hands arent just for holding stuff.
They're also for sewing the most finest clothes!
I'm sewing a 50s skirt!"

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Black Dress

"I I really have to say anything?! AMAAAAAAAZING!"

My FIRST skirt design!!!

"Here it is! My very first skirt I ever made!!!"

Golyester Vintage


BEST hand-me-downs......ever!

"This is the BEST hand-me-down dress! SO 50's and lil' ballet lace slippers, AAAAAH!
Thank You Selene Luna you are the best!!!"

From Ugly to Glam

"This was my Tia's dress. I took it from her closet.
I was thinking of a way for it to fit me.
Well I rolled it and twisted it and BOOM! It fit me!"

Griffith Observatory

"Went to the Griffith Obervatory. It was a dream! Marilyn Monroe came here.
My hair was crazy, wow it was so windy! Tia made my rockin top and I wanted an Egyptian cat on it!
You could see the Hollywood sign so clear
and all the downtown buildings. Need to go again!"