Monday, April 12, 2010

Christian Siriano

8/5/09 Christian Siriano's Victoria's Secret MakeUp Launch
Paris knows his whole bio and loved his Fall '09 line with all the one-shoulder action!
*Click here to watch them meet!*
On meeting him:
"I was so excited to meet him and then I started getting a little bit shy cause hes my favorite.
His outfits have a lot of big ruffley and stuff.and they have a lot of details."

On his BRAVO special, "Christian Siriano: Having a Moment" :
"What did you think about his show?"
Paris, "Oooooh my gawsh. It was amaaaazing! (stoped to think if its the same one I'm talking about) Hold on, is it the one with the broken shoes and the blond lady with the black dress?"
Paris, "I LOVED it. I think Tori Spells dress is awesome. It's got little ruffle things that are not really ruffles. Like, it folds this way and that way and some keep going on top of each other."

"In the show, the shoes break and it makes the fashion show go slower!!!
("Make sure to put exclamation marks on there. 3 of them.")
Christian had so many cute outfits. I like the water ones and the kind of hot desert ones,
and I really like the blue ones. They are so pretty."

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