Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Cobra Shop Opening !

"I was reading the paper with stickers they gave me and waiting in line for 24 hours I think.....
well it felt like 24 hours. Then Roxy took me into the event!
I did her makeup one time when I was 4."

"When I went inside I saw T.V.'s, photographers, clothing , oooh and an ICE CREAM CART!
 They had the best Ice Cream Cart in the whole wide wide world!"

Dress: EB1955 Hat: Locketship/EB1955 Collab.

"I love Jeremy Scott! Oooooh my gosh, when he used all the city street signs and the trash can tops as hats, aw sooooo cute! Oh!!! I also looooved the dress Solange Knowles wore on Yo Gabba Gabba. Jeremy is the best! My dad loves Obey and the guy who is Obey was there too!"

"I know his store is about stuff he finds from going places. I like this one! (below)
 So Thank you Cobrasnake and Peoples Revolution!"

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