Saturday, March 20, 2010

M.J. conversations....

"I'm a huuuuuuuge Michael Jackson fan. I call him "M.J."
'cause I think it's a good thing that people should call him.
All his songs are so much fun to dance too!"

"I started dancing in the theater watching "This is It"
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I was dancing to "Smooth Criminal".
Ooooomg! I said it! I'm so embarassed, haha!
He runs out of the stairs and you wont believe it.....he BREAKS out of the window!
That was in the end.
I like the Thriller in this movie better than the video. It's soooo thrilling!
There's like dead brides. It's so gross. They got red stuff on their face and white makeup for their whole face.
Their outfits are like all ripped. All the details are ripped off. It's like a whole rip off.
The girls with the ruffles. You gotta watch her in the end. The girls with the ruffles on her sleeves.
She's got rips on her dress and holes too!"

(When the song starts) "Now thaaaats the awesome part!
Sometimes that makes my mouth stay like this. (opens mouth a lil),
because I looooove this song.
I think was was sooooo amazing. Did you see?! He wasn't doing anything, and that guy disappeared.
(About his outfit) He looks like he'd be a criminal, but he's so so smooth.
You know how you hear a lil bitty squeek on the tile? (slides foot) That's how he walks 'cause he's smooth.
Sometimes my eyes stay really really open. I like to watch it a bunch of times."

"I don't know HOW he did that move when he leans over,
because we I do it....
(tries to lean forward, falling) I keep falling! I don't know how he did it. It's like he almost leans to the floor!"
......keeps trying again and again to do the move.

< Showed her this pic......

"It's SO amazing that the shoes did that! It could totally hold him?!
Omg but he's so big! He was like a grown up!
That's so cool that those shoes held on to him so tight!"

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