Thursday, March 11, 2010

If I Was a Girl + The Blonds

Dresses by Phillipe and David Blond

"If I was in ice skating class, I would wear this!"

"If I was a girl who likes to wear pink, I would wear lots of peacock style outfits.
I'd love the pink flamingo color if I was a girl on stage."

"If I was a girl who needed to go to a event and really wanted people to look at me,
I would soooo wear this dress!"

"If I was a girl who really wanted to look like a princess and wanted to find her prince charming;
I would wear this dress."

"If I was a girl who wanted to be a Native American for the day I would wear this!"

"WOW! If I was a girl who was very confident and needed a dress for a friend's party,
  I would wear this with yellow shoes!

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