Monday, February 22, 2010

Flamenco Fashions

Designer Pepa Castro
"I love the style and all the ruffles. I really want to learn how to dance but I think I need a photo of Spain so I could learn. Oh! I also want a photo of flamenco dancers so I could dance in front of them. They go very fast like my jazz dances but they have cuter outfits! They move their dresses all over the place and I love it!"

These are Jeremy Scott Spring line! I YELLED when I saw them.
"They're soooo cute. Very hipster and flamenco mixed together.
SO 2010 and SO fab!"

 "OMG look at her hat !!!!!! I want it!"

"So flamenco style dress but... it needs to be a little tighter. The mermaid cut!"
"Neon pink flamenco vest by River Island. OMG I died!"

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