Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen: Designer to the Angels

My aunt told me about Christian Siriano and how he became a talented designer. She told me after high school he went to fashion College in London and he was an intern for Alexander Mc Queen. Being an intern is when you work around the designer helping them out with little things, but you don't get money back like in a regular job. You usually do it for free, but you learn A LOT from being around real fashion people.
The second time I learned about Alexander McQueen is when I was BLOWN AWAY by this outfit I saw on Lady GaGa. I started drawing crazier fashions in my sketches.
Mom, "Paris, you know the designer Alexander McQueen? The one who made the crazy heels & oufits in the Bad Romance video?" Paris, "Yeah." Mom, "He died. He went up to heaven."
Paris, "Aw.......well..............then he's gonna make the angels cute outfits!" Mom, "Yes he will."
Paris, "But wait.....does he have a fashion show?!" (she knows about Fashion Week)
Mom, "Yeah." Paris, "But if he's not there, somebody has to be there! That means that somebody needs to replace him, like when Christian Dior died and Yves St Laurent replaced him. Maybe I can replace him!"
Mom, "Paris."

(No disrespect in "replacing" him. She wants the show to go on so his last creations are shown.)
"Thanks for taking Paris' fashion imagination to new levels Mr. McQueen!" - Paris' Family

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