Friday, January 22, 2010

Who to listen to....

Nina Garcia is a smart "fashion girl".
Fashion girls are the ones next to the runway taking notes.

She is the Fashion Director of Marie Claire and wrote one of the four best fashion books called, "The Little Black Book of Style" which my mom and aunt loved. I had to read or have somebody read to me for school. So I read a lot of different books, and my mom read me this fashion book. 160 pages!
My mom turned in the list of books I read, and the lady in sweat pants looked up at my mom and said, "Don't you think you she should read her something more educational?" My mom told her, "This book has information she can use throughout her whole life! I don't see how 'The Happy Little Pumpkin' will do that."
Never believe a lady in sweats to put down anything about style and fashion learning.

My aunt told me, "See....there are a lot of people who have never ever been brave and worn anything that's different. They are scared to wear what they would love to, because they want to look like everybody else. They don't want to be different because they are scared of what somebody will say."
Paris, "Like, they would never wear a really big poofy skirt?"

Aunt, "Exactly! Some people are like, "Oh no no no! You're crazy! That's only for wedding dresses!" So when they see somebody who wears something different they say, "Oh no no no. That's uuuuugly! Who would be crazy enough to wear that?!" but all the fashion people who are fearless and have actually worn different styles say, "Wow! That's different! I've never seen that! That's very creative!"

So only listen to people who know how to be fearless in fashion. Never listen to people who are afraid. They're the same type of people who said girls should neeeeeever wear pants! Called them mean mean names, called them crazy and made fun of them, but guess what?" Paris, "What?" Aunt, "Those women were not crazy after all! They were just being fearless and didn't care what anybody said. Now look! It's tooootally ok to wear pants!"

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