Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anything that even LOOKS like a Croc!

I also looooooooooooooove trying on shoes!
My mom has not been able to walk by shoe isle since I was 2.
Here's me at 2, jumping on a bed with my aunts wedgies feeling FABULOUS!
"Terrible 2's" was me having a fit because my mom would walk by the shoe isle and NOT stop for me to try shoes on! Well, I grew out of that.....but now I just beg to try on shoes. It's my hobby.
Well, this day Mom was shopping for my shoes and ran into these ones. She thought I'd LOVE these shoes since I LOVE purple and pink anything. One look at these, and I said.
"Oh................those are.........the UGLIEST things.......ever."
My mom thought I was just being picky and put them in the cart anyways! So the whole way over to the cashier I kept telling her to "Get those shoes out! They're UGLYYYYY!!!" She thought maybe once at home I'd give them a try? These gross things touched my feet, and I started crying!

They now belong to my cousin.

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