Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween "OH NO"

          " So BORED I can't find something to wear for Halloween.Oh there's one!"

                          10 minutes later...

         " Aaah! Where's my stuff!I left it in the car which is is parked miles away."

I know all of you guys have been in this situation (or something like it) so here's some helpful...well,HELP

                               DIY:Crayon Lipstick

I seen this on Tavi Gevinson's website
Click on link below:

So if there's one thing I can do is “winging it” which means turning a disaster into a Happily Ever After. Are you going to be a zombie and you detail it so pretty and then...SMEAR you'll think it's a disaster and you have to start over and take the facepaint off. WRONG!

Solution: smear it more!zombies should look ugly!

Have a SCARY Halloween!

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