Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Miss Tosh and GMAMA

   Let me tell you about Miss Tosh, who found me on Instagram. She is a model and designer from LA but is in school in Chicago and she sent me an e-mail about her new line GMAMA!!! When you think about your grandma`s closet you see wonders of the past but she suddenly turns them into a "wear whatever" person. While you are creating your own style, your grandma thinks she’s cool too because she thinks she should go back to the styles she wore when she was young. She thinks about how amazing and vibrant she`ll look in those clothes! So she orders some GMAMA and when she puts them on, and she realises she IS her granddaughter! Thats EXACTLY what this line can do for your grandma.
  Then she calls you and for the first time saying, "Hi dear! Do you want to go shopping? I need you to help me re-vamp my closet BIG TIME." You take her out and are SO surprised to see HOW stylish she is! You get to talk about designers, fashion lines, fashion shows, and perfumes. Then as you're walking along she sees a pretty 60's vintage purse and you tell her, "That purse is SO pretty! It'll look great with your TOSH outfit!" Then you think about about this GORGEOUS line and that vintage purse that you actually helped her pick out. She is happy you have her style but she knows that she’s just  as much your biggest fashion fan. Aaaaaw!

These are AMAZING!!!
Tosh fitting her model.Work thse clothes!!!

Is that what your everyday grandma would wear?

If you want to see more of Miss Tosh go to http://misstosh.tumblr.com/

"GMAMA'S Junk Drawer" : The essence of GMAMA breaks through all boundaries, unapologetically shattering any box of conformity that attempts to encase her. At the age of 60, my Gmama broke through societies expectations and began adorning herself with tattoos, riding motorcycles, ripping, dying, studding, and stitching her own garments. She confronted her identity and responded with fashion. She became G-MAMA, refusing the conformists title for a grandmother. Her story embodies a whimsical rebellious spirit that I find in my female mentors and role models. The women modeling in the show are the women who inspired the collection. My grandmother ( at age 73), my friend Denise Hansard(Dream Coach), and Sandra Adams (professor/ mentor). TOSH