Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wildfox Showroom Fun

        Woke up on Friday, morning got out of bed super happy to go to the Wildfox Showroom to grab some goods!! I was going to my closet and DISASTER struck I forgot to pick out an outfit! So I sat down and did some brainstorming. And I remembered I have a pretty vintage 1960s dress and a pink hat that I knew would look good together and I put them on and said "Now that's how you solve a fashion disaster!"   so me and my(awesome) dad went to get artisan sandwiches at Starbucks Coffee and drove off. We headed down the 101fwy and got to downtown and a half hour later finally found some parking. We went inside the Cooper Building and saw there was some photos of all the stars that had visited the building. There was tons of people there ready to shop at all the showrooms. We found Wildfox looked and looked and looked for cute T-shirts and I sure did find some!! We left around 300pm and headed home I could not wait to hung them in my closet !!!!

There was a whole board of all the sales going on!

I saw a real cool painting on my way up to the showroom.