Friday, March 15, 2013

Silent Stripes

Hello Everyone !
Ooooh WHAT a night I had!!! I found out about Tarina Tarantino's "Silent Stripes" event last week. I called my Tia to see if she could make me an outfit cause Tarina's parties are always SO special!!! I started to read about the collection. With earrning names like "VILMA", "MAX" and "GRETA" you could see the whole theme. Of course the black and white for the black and white movies! I talked to her daughter Olivia and she loves Charlie Chaplin! HOW super cool that her mom made a whole line about something she loves?! 

My cousin Liset was visiting and came along with me! I wrote down some questions to ask Tarina about the line and lets just say it didn't go as planned. 
So after the well worth 40min drive we finally got to the party! I went straight to the TT make-up counter and I noticed one of THEE most sparkly white lip glosses I have EVER seen!

I saw the dessert table.
There was cream cheese cupcakes, cake balls, cookies, chocolate sticks
and the lemonade was so fresh! It tasted like I was biting into a lemon but a sugary one!

So Finally I saw Tarina after not seeing her for almost 2years! You will not believe what happened..... I got super nervous. Yup I did. I had the questions in my moms purse but could not get myself to do it. It was SO much easier talking to her when I was 5 and 6 years old.....
but it was ok......Tarina was SUPER nice!

Now it was time for the contest and guess what?!
WE WON !!!! 
I could not believe we won and the necklace was to DIE for! 
I also met Tarina's two daughters and we hit it off. We talked about the Goosbumps books we're reading and about how are schools know..... girl talk. I really liked them.
Hope I run into them again!
OOOOMG.....GUESS WHO I also ran into?!!!
My fashion sistah, SELENE LUNA!
AAAAAH!!! How cool right?!
I LOVE catching up with her. So all in was a amazing night!

If you think these pictures are pretty, you have GOT to see Tarina's jewerly in REAL LIFE!
I'm sure you'll find something amazing on her site: