Friday, July 9, 2010

Cupcake Showdown !!!!

"Oh my goodness where do I start?! Maria from Locketship told me she had to take me to this Cupcake event! I am so happy I went! She even made me this outfit! There was so much cupcakes I didn't know where to start. Even there was this girl who had a little Bunnie mask on her face and she was dancing with flashlights. I even saw Audrey Kitching there. She was in the same area as the girl with the Bunnie mask. I noticed that Audrey's hair changed. She put blond in her hair. That was a good thing cause it matched her outfit. I also saw Onch Its been so long since I saw her! Well we got there and there was sooo many people there! The Event Host was NYLON PINK. Could you believe they asked me to be a judge?! The cherry cupcake was my favorite."

My dress By Maria (Locketship)

"Me being a judge! Taste ,Texture, and Presentation!!!"

Here is Maria (Locketship) and Audrey Kitching

I was sooo happy to see one of My BFF's Stefanie she's a model

And last but not least Onch !

I tasted cupcakes from......
Lil Rae Cakes
Cookie Casa Bakery
On our way out we saw Cassie from Harlow Magazine!

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